Aivant Goyal

Teaching Resources

I try to be involved as I can in the teaching community at Berkeley, and as I go along, I find myself making resources to help my students along the way. Here is an easy place to find anything I make!

Ruby on Rails Decal

I got involved with this decal (student-led course) Spring 2018 and along with my co-instructor Ethan Lee, we've been actively working to revamp the curriculum. You can find the most recent semester's syllabus and assignments on the course website I helped develop.

The majority of my work on the decal aside from the week to week pandemonium of creating lecture slides and assignments has gone towards creating the basis for an interactive ruby-on-rails textbook. My work so far (supplemented with great help from the TA's and Ethan) can be found at

Once the course finishes, these guides will be transformed into an interactive online experience that can be spread beyond the limits of the class. Check back soon to stay updated!