Aivant Goyal


Whether it be through school or something I try on the side, I love using what I know to make something real. Check out what I've worked on below!

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Open-Source Work:

Side Projects:

The Dream Project

Spring 2018
Technologies: React Native, Ruby on Rails (seperate repo), Redux

The Dream Project is a nonprofit in the dominican republic that provides free education to over 8,200 students. However, all of their logistics were being handled by hand which produced a heavy bottleneck on the administration to enter data into their database. Via blueprint, a campus organization, I worked on a team of five to build a mobile application with a rails backend that would let teachers take attendance and manage their classes offline, letting the administration focus on scaling up the mission.

Ruby on Rails Decal Classroom Portal

Spring 2018 - Present
Technologies: Ruby on Rails, Devise
Guest Student Login:

This classroom portal was meant to facilitate curriculum, assignments, grading, attendance, and course resources for the Ruby on Rails Decal. It was built with the intent of 1) being a potential learning platform for future students as it is open-source and written in Rails, and 2) being customizable to add useful features in the future such as auto-deployment of homeworks. Currently in use for class of 70+ students!


Spring 2018 - Present
Technologies: Express.js, MariaDB + SQL, AWS Database Service
More: Project Details

Wikiclick is a simple interface to explore wikipedia clickstream data. Wikipedia has millions of requests every month, and through Wikiclick, you can discover the numbers behind the information giant! Get info on where people are clicking to or from various pages.

Open Sesame

Fall 2017
Video: Youtube Link
Technologies: Arduino Programming + Motor, Radio, RFID, and Vibration Sensing Hardware

Open Sesame was a dorm room hack that I brewed up my freshman year. Our doors would only open with keys, and my roommates and I were tired of having to carry them around. I used two arduinos two enable RFID keycard entry as well as entry via a "secret knock". I used tiny radios to communicate between the arduinos and a servo motor to pull down the door with the correct input.

AR Invaders

Summer 2017
App Store Link: Itunes Store
Technologies: iOS Development, Swift, AR Kit

AR Invaders is a simple Game where users can fight off aliens attacking them in the real world through augmented reality! The source is uploaded to github and posted on AR sample listings. It is meant to encourage people to contribute to the live game on the app store, and it's already had a pull request!